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Who the heck is “Kevin Bennett”?

profile3The information below is included so that you can know who is behind all the rambling and opining on this blog site, and that someone is prepared to stand up and vouch for it. The focus of this blog is the notion that there is hope. That hope relates to Jesus Christ, and the God he professed as “My Father in Heaven”.

The purpose of the blog is to encourage and equip the Church, and to bless the world on behalf of Jesus and the whole Christian community. This, I believe is the essential role of the Christian minister, apostle, apologist, evangelist, and preacher.

Click HERE to see what I’m currently “up to”, in “Street Ministry”

By way of introduction, you will find a brief reflection on my experience with Christian churches in How many churches are there? It recounts my conversion to Christianity at age 36 (2005).

For a closer look at some aspects of my faith journey, see “Struggling with Sin” is not “normal”. Don’t settle for it. That article reflects the impact my conversion had on me and is slightly introspective (although the introspection is not the main point of it). Here’s a more recent addition, which is much more so: Christian Conversion: What’s it like?

I found and posted an “epistle” that I wrote very early in my walk, somewhere around two years after I was converted. It’s called A modern epistle: from the mouths of babes. That arose from my concern for the Christians I encountered. From my earliest moments as a Christian I have been deeply moved by the fears and superstitions of Christians who, one would expect, should have “no guilt in life; no fear in death” (as the famous hymn, “In Christ alone” goes).

However my faith is not primarily about emotion. I’m studying a Bachelor of Theology (Update: Now completed), and I’m passionate about expressing the Gospel in terms that a critical thinker can relate to. Some of my work to that end is included in The Holy Bible: An Explanation for Atheists, and the associated articles. In fact, I have a particular desire to engage with intellectual Atheists because so many of them complain of the same problem: Christians, even Christian ministers, are unable to answer their questions! Some of my correspondence in that area is published under How to: Converse with an Atheist about faith and Gentleness and respect. Sharing your faith.

For some time I ran Bible study groups in half-way houses. I then spent about 2 years associated with a homeless drop-in shelter (which since closed down). Now I spend a day each week meeting with my friends in the Ipswich Mall. The associated adventures are recorded here: Marketplace Christianity.

Here is another update, as at the end of 2013: Evangelism: A Revolution

As you can see, when attempting to explain who I am, I point to what I have done and am doing. And everything I have done, I have done in the name of my King. Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9), and my hope is that anyone who has seen me has similarly seen Him. If there is anything worth seeing here, it is of Him. And whatsoever is not of Him is not worth seeing.

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This is me, talking about… well, about what I do…



God blesses you.

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