… and this just in: News from the Streets of Ipswich. Issue 6


The Word on the Street


I’m a Dealer

So many amazing and fascinating things go on in Ipswich, as I move around on the streets making friends with people. There are lots of stories I can’t share, for various reasons, but I find there are many that I can.

I hope this series gives a colourful insight into life in the street culture of Ipswich. This is the community into which I speak God’s Word. I love the people, and I see God powerfully at work here.

I’m a Dealer

drug dealI was sitting with the small group who congregate near the methadone dosing clinic, waiting for it to open so that they can get their dose. I had just been talking to someone in a quiet (private), conversation, which was pretty emotionally intense. It was impossible for any of the others to know what we had been talking about.

As you might guess, we were talking about the hope that is for him in life, despite his circumstances. We were talking about the love of God, and other such things.

Anyway, when I came back into the main group there was a young man there who I hadn’t met. I introduced myself. He said, “So what do you do?”

It was a normal, conversational question, but with slightly more intrigue. He was probably able to pick that I didn’t really “fit in”, so it was partly something like, “what are you doing here?”

I leaned in, met his eyes and replied, “I’m a dealer”.

I half expected him to laugh, but he didn’t. He changed his posture immediately. He asked (somewhat hopefully), “What are moving? Ice?”

I kept looking into his eyes and I said, “hope”.

He said, “What?”

I said, “Hope. You need some?”

He was momentarily off balance as he tried to understand, when one of the young women laughed, and assured him, “Nah, it’s tru, brother! He’s helped me heaps. He is a dealer of hope!”

Everyone had a good laugh, but everyone understood it was no joke.

God loves this town.

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