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3 Words that will forever change the way you read the Gospel of John: Week 1

Chapter 1: Prologue, and John the Baptist introduces Jesus This is part 1 of a 21-part series which traces “seeing” and “hearing”, and looks at how they relate to “believing”, through the Gospel of John. John’s Gospel quite deliberately adopts some literary features of the Book of Genesis. The first few verses are more than a hint. But […]

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A journey through Handel’s “Messiah” – George Frederic Handel (1695-1759)

Messiah, G. F. Handel Welcome to my happy place: Handel’s “Messiah”. There is lots I could say about this. I could talk about the art, the theology, the subtle interpretive cues that make this a sort of “Gospel according to Handel”… But I won’t. I’ll just stand aside and put this here for you to […]

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Why do innocent people suffer?

What would your response have been? I was aware that my friend had been grieving the death of her adult daughter, who had been murdered by White Supremacists. They left her hung by the neck, in a room covered in blood from obvious signs of struggle. The police declined to investigate, deeming it a suicide. […]

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The Book of Job: (not so?) Friendly Advice

What does the Book of Job say about counselling our friends? A key message of the Book of Job is that, when someone is suffering, there may be things going on that we are unaware of. Rather than badger the person to amend their behaviour, or drag them into a theological debate, we should comfort […]

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