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A Parable to Explain Jesus’ Claim to be “Son of God”

The Kingdom of God is like a Furniture Maker… When people think about how Jesus’ can claim to be the “Son of God”, they most often think in terms of the Virgin Birth:   Mary said to the angel, “How can this be, since I am a virgin?” The angel said to her, “The Holy […]

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3 Words that will forever change the way you read the Gospel of John: Week 5

Chapter 5: Sabbath, and the Son of God This is part 5 of a 21-part series which traces “seeing” and “hearing”, and looks at how they relate to “believing”, through the Gospel of John. In Chapter 5, Jesus has a stand-off with the Jewish authorities, ostensibly about the Sabbath, but it becomes a conversation about his claim […]

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Jesus’ strange sayings about God: Not so strange after all

Jesus is sent by God, and is God, and is equal to God, yet prays to God…? I was in discussion recently, and this topic arose. Some of the Christian rhetoric around the “Trinity” doctrine and other Christology can be hard to follow, and I get that. In fact there have been some fairly substantial […]

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Asking the right questions about what “Son of God” means

What does it mean when Jesus says he is “Son of God”? Jesus claimed to be God’s son. He claimed to be both equal and subservient to God. This mystifies theologians today, because they find it hard to reconcile these two things. It isn’t supposed to be that hard. Let us ask not how Jesus […]

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