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Reflections on the Trip of a Lifetime: Day 10 Ephesus

  Ephesus Just when you think you’ve got no more “wow”, there’s Ephesus… The whole site is like a visual feast. It reminded me of those expert gardens, where there’s a new story around every turn, and through every narrow gap there’s a whole new open area with it’s own exciting new part of the […]

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What is Christian “Worship”?

Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth Mike_tn / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Let’s look at where Christian worship began, what it was like then, and what it meant to the first Christians. Much has happened through subsequent church history, but how much of what we now call “worship” is directly related to what the first Christians […]

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Christian Assurance, Apart From the Law: A Defence Against the Judaisers

Judaisers A ‘Judaiser’ is someone who insists that a believer in Christ must join the Covenant of Moses, which was ratified at Mt Sinai around 1300BC. The Apostle Paul was routinely persecuted by Judaisers, who were scandalised that Paul’s non-Jewish (“Gentile”) converts were not being circumcised. The Judaisers are back. There is a whole movement […]

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“Election”: Calvin…? No; Arminius…? No; “The Corporate View”…? Almost…

The Ancestral View of Election Studying the “Corporate View” of Election was refreshing. The paradoxical word games that Calvinist and Arminian arguments rely on are exhausting, and any serious apologist for them is forced, sooner or later, to admit that they cannot reconcile the paradoxes that both raise. The “Corporate View”, by contrast, actually describes […]

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A Fraud: The so-called Constantine Creed

Beware of Propaganda A quick note to express my gratitude to Roger Pearse, who has exposed the increasingly popular fraud called the “Constantine Creed”.

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