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“Election”: Calvin…? No; Arminius…? No; “The Corporate View”…? Almost…

The Ancestral View of Election Studying the “Corporate View” of Election was refreshing. The paradoxical word games that Calvinist and Arminian arguments rely on are exhausting, and any serious apologist for them is forced, sooner or later, to admit that they cannot reconcile the paradoxes that both raise. The “Corporate View”, by contrast, actually describes […]

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Romans 8:28-30: Not “Predestination”, but an argument against Judaisers

An appeal for clarity A favourite text of those who argue about Predestination is Romans 8:29-30. It mentions people being “predestined”, and a lot of speculation has surrounded the concept throughout Christian history. The speculation essentially fails to grasp the point: Gentiles and Jews are equally considered God’s “holy people”.

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