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Literally, “Martyr” means “Witness”. But it came to mean someone who died for their faith – because that is a “witness” to their faith.

Jesus! Why so Violent???

Did it really have to be so violent? A good friend of mine asked me this question, and on reflection, it’s a question that others most probably ask, too: “Would he still have been a saviour if he had died peacefully in bed? Why did Jesus’ death need to be so violent?”

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For me, to live is Christ – Philippians 1:21

“To Live is Christ” – a bold claim. Today at church we sang “Let it be Jesus”, a beautiful song of worship (Click here to listen to it) that had me streaming tears. It occurred to me, however, that many of those singing one of the refrains, “For me, to live is Christ”, probably would […]

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Bonhoeffer – A scholar, a gentleman, a rebel, a martyr.

What did Dietrich Bonhoeffer think he was doing? Bonhoeffer had much to say about discipleship, and was also a vocal critic of the Lutheran Church’s inaction against the Nazis. Was he just a busybody with opinions about everything? No, he had a view of discipleship that applies as much to the church as a whole, […]

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Holy Martyrs

The Passion of the Holy Martyrs Perpetua and Felicitas The Passion of the Holy Martyrs (“the Passion”) offers insights into the beliefs of the church at a very early time because it was recorded in 202-3AD.[1] A vital piece of historical church literature, this document provides key insight into a range of contemporaneous issues, from theology proper, […]

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