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John 20:19-31 – The Honoured Guests and Their Servant Leaders

Blessed are those who have not seen… Ever wonder why some people got a “bolt from the blue” encounter from God, and you didn’t? Jesus says that you are the one who is blessed, not them. How does that work…? I preached this message on Sunday, April 12 2015.

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The Beauty of Manhood

Manhood is beautiful It feels odd, even risky, using those words, “Manhood is beautiful”, doesn’t it? Beauty has come to mean firstly something visual, and secondly something, or just about anything, other than manhood. But manhood is beautiful, and the realisation of that is profoundly important. Particularly for men.

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For me, to live is Christ – Philippians 1:21

“To Live is Christ” – a bold claim. Today at church we sang “Let it be Jesus”, a beautiful song of worship (Click here to listen to it) that had me streaming tears. It occurred to me, however, that many of those singing one of the refrains, “For me, to live is Christ”, probably would […]

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Church Leadership: Could Jesus be right?

What is leadership in the kingdom of God? The question of leadership in church life is a hot one. The Roman Catholic view, which consists of a single hierarchy of authority governing all aspects of church life, culminating in a single figure in the Pope, is profoundly different from the cell-church/home-church model consisting of as […]

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