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Perfect Loneliness

Why the perfect life is exhausting and lonely. People congratulate you and admire you. They say all kinds of lovely things about you, but you don’t believe them. In fact, the more they mention your achievements, the more it proves your point: They don’t even know the real you. You’re desperately lonely. Nobody really understands […]

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Bonhoeffer – A scholar, a gentleman, a rebel, a martyr.

What did Dietrich Bonhoeffer think he was doing? Bonhoeffer had much to say about discipleship, and was also a vocal critic of the Lutheran Church’s inaction against the Nazis. Was he just a busybody with opinions about everything? No, he had a view of discipleship that applies as much to the church as a whole, […]

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Marketplace Christianity – In a Marketplace!

What is Marketplace Christianity really? Generally, the term “Marketplace Christianity” is used to describe the way in which a believer can represent their faith in their normal life – in most cases, at work. I do think its helpful for us to ponder how to live out our life in such settings, but is the […]

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“Struggling with Sin” is not “normal”. Don’t settle for it.

Why would a preacher say that it’s ‘normal’ to be struggling with sin, when the Bible says that it isn’t? Several times recently I have heard a similar message from different preachers, essentially: we should anticipate an ongoing struggle with sin, or various kinds of disillusionment in our faith, or times of feeling that God […]

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Finding the Widow’s Coin

Hiding the Treasure The best way to hide spiritual gems: surround them with an intellectual feast. In his article, “Walter Wink on Jesus“, Wink provides clear, precise teaching on issues that are commonly misunderstood. He does such a fantastic job in his teaching that the interested reader is at risk of missingthe most profound assertion […]

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