Criminal Minds


What does the heart of a career criminal, converted to Christ, sound like?

This friend of mine has been part of the Ipswich Mall ministry from the beginning. He knew nothing about music but was called by God to discover, learn, and create Gospel Rap music.

It’s lonely

In this song you will hear selected details of his background. What you won’t hear is how terribly lonely it is to take a stand which sets you apart from your entire social scene, which is the only world you ever knew. And being separated from the street culture is not the same as being welcomed in the middle-class church culture! Normally people just end up suspended in between

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These are the saints. These are the heroes of the faith. We need eyes to see them. They are the ones doing the heavy lifting in the Christian Mission, against impossible odds, and often without the support of nice, middle-class Christians.

But this is not my story, but the story of Big Fella:

Big Fella’s Testimony

What we can learn from this

If nothing else strikes the listener, notice this: A story that may at first seem hopeless and ugly is referred to revealing “God’s glory”. This happens by realising its context in the narrative of Salvation history. I have discussed the psychology of the Gospel elsewhere, and in another article the way in which “the truth will set you free“. This phenomenon, which relates to the power of the Gospel as a narrative is critical in understanding the power of the Gospel in people’s lives.

Enjoy Big Fella’s creativity and expression, but above all, be inspired by his faith. This is a bit of an experiment for me: If you like this, leave a comment or click “like”, and I’ll post more of it…


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