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3 Words that will forever change the way you read the Gospel of John: Week 1

Chapter 1: Prologue, and John the Baptist introduces Jesus This is part 1 of a 21-part series which traces “seeing” and “hearing”, and looks at how they relate to “believing”, through the Gospel of John. John’s Gospel quite deliberately adopts some literary features of the Book of Genesis. The first few verses are more than a hint. But […]

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A journey through Handel’s “Messiah” – George Frederic Handel (1695-1759)

Messiah, G. F. Handel Welcome to my happy place: Handel’s “Messiah”. There is lots I could say about this. I could talk about the art, the theology, the subtle interpretive cues that make this a sort of “Gospel according to Handel”… But I won’t. I’ll just stand aside and put this here for you to […]

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On Earth as it is in Heaven

To What shall I Compare the Kingdom of God? The kingdom of God is coming to the street subculture of Ipswich. How can I describe it? How can I document it? Just thinking about it brings Jesus’ refrain to mind, “to what shall I compare the Kingdom of God?”, and his declaration to Nicodemus, “very […]

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Isaiah: Hiddenness

Isaiah and the theme of Hiddenness In the Book of Isaiah there is a notable theme describing a kind of “hiddenness”, which refers to spiritual blindness and deafness by the people. It is a fascinating theme, and often misunderstood. This is a little journey through the Book of Isaiah tracking on this particular theme.

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