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The Trumpet shall Sound, and the Dead shall be Raised – The Good News of Resurrection, Judgement, and Justice

“Do you hear what I hear?” I recently preached this message about the Resurrection, Justice, and Judgement. It focused closely on “hearing”, so this blog entry is mainly about audio. Blessed are those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

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A Theology of Community

God invests His Spirit in a Community It is easy to miss the Biblical emphasis on a group as the recipient of God’s promises. We, in the modern Western world, are so used to thinking in individualistic way about everything else that we have been reading the Bible primarily in that dimension for generations, and […]

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Eternity in their Eyes

  God has one Story, one Plan I recently found myself explaining to my friends why I am always so passionate and excited about what God is doing around me. It’s because I see eternity in their eyes.

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