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Are we “Born of God”, or “Adopted”? It can’t be both.

Does the Bible say we are adopted by God? I am quite certain that the Bible does not say we are adopted by God. It does say that we are born of God. Many commentators seem awfully confused about this, but that’s because they are reading an English translation of a Greek document, written in a […]

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Reflections on the Trip of a Lifetime: Day 10 Ephesus

  Ephesus Just when you think you’ve got no more “wow”, there’s Ephesus… The whole site is like a visual feast. It reminded me of those expert gardens, where there’s a new story around every turn, and through every narrow gap there’s a whole new open area with it’s own exciting new part of the […]

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Eternity in their Eyes

  God has one Story, one Plan I recently found myself explaining to my friends why I am always so passionate and excited about what God is doing around me. It’s because I see eternity in their eyes.

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Asking the right questions about what “Son of God” means

What does it mean when Jesus says he is “Son of God”? Jesus claimed to be God’s son. He claimed to be both equal and subservient to God. This mystifies theologians today, because they find it hard to reconcile these two things. It isn’t supposed to be that hard. Let us ask not how Jesus […]

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“Election”: Calvin…? No; Arminius…? No; “The Corporate View”…? Almost…

The Ancestral View of Election Studying the “Corporate View” of Election was refreshing. The paradoxical word games that Calvinist and Arminian arguments rely on are exhausting, and any serious apologist for them is forced, sooner or later, to admit that they cannot reconcile the paradoxes that both raise. The “Corporate View”, by contrast, actually describes […]

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